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July 8-12, 2013 – Art from around the World

What do you think makes you and the world around you beautiful? Each of us answers that question a little differently.  Drawing inspiration from artistic traditions in Asia, Africa, and the Americas, we will work with dyes and pigments to transform plain fabrics, paper, metal, wood and other everyday materials into works of art and explore what different people around the world do to bring beauty and art into their lives.

July 15-19, 2013 – Sculpture: Trip to Another Dimension

We know the world isn’t flat, so why should art be? We’ll get inspired by artists who have gotten up off the canvas to use clay, wood, and stuff they just found lying around to bring their art into the third dimension. Come explore what adding another dimension can do to your art!

July 22-26, 2013 – Art Time Travel: Italy

If the question is who created the first great art of a particular kind and era, the answer is often the Italians! Our time travels will start with the ancient mosaics of Pompeii and Venice. We’ll then journey to the Renaissance studios of da Vinci and Michelangelo and visit the workshops of Italy’s great paper artisans to learn marbling techniques.

July 29 – August 2, 2013 – Impressions of Art: Painting, Drawing and Sculpture

Italians the greatest artists? This week the French retort, “Mais non!” We’ll be impressed by the likes of Monet, Van Gogh (with and without his ear), Cezanne, Degas, and other greats of French Impressionism and their contemporaries. We’ll draw and paint in plein air, bring the ordinary to life, and learn how to capture movement in 2D and 3D.

Field Trips.  We’ll take at least one field trip each week to find inspiration in the world around us and to see some of the amazing art that we have right in our own backyard.  Last summer our field trips included exploring the National Gallery of Art, Hirshhorn Sculpture Garden, and the Museum of the Americas; drawing in plein air at River Farm; and emulating great artists by sketching people and places in our notebooks as we walked and rode trolleys through Old Town Alexandria.

End-of-Camp Gallery Celebration. Each session will culminate on Friday afternoon with a celebration of the children’s art and a show for the children to display and share their work. This camp is for children who love to create!

Director and Instructor. Luisa Tio will lead each session. Luisa is a full-time art teacher at Matthew Maury Elementary School in Alexandria with many years of experience directing and teaching art and creative camps. She also is a studio artist herself who loves to create, and her teaching experience has engendered a love for large collaborative projects with her students and others. She earned her B.A. in Art from Duke University and her M.A. in Studio Art from NYU. You can learn more about Luisa here.

Registration. To register your young artist for camp, please click here to print and complete the Registration Form – Summer 2013. Once the registration form is completed, please mail it with a $45 supply fee deposit to Luisa Tio, P.O. Box 2442, Alexandria, VA, 22301. In addition, at least one week before your child’s camp begins, please complete and send to the same address the forms for Emergency Contacts, Health, Media and Walking Field Trip Forms (Summer 2013) which can be found here. Camp Sessions will be July 8-12, July 15-19, July 22-26, and July 29 – August 2.